PostHeaderIcon When You’ve Got to Get Those Ducts Clean

My husband came down with a serious respiratory incident with horrifying consequences for his health. His doctor mentioned cleaning the air ducts. A quick Google search later for air duct cleaning in Pleasant Hill turned up good options for performing this recommended action. We scheduled an appointment and waited while my husband wheezed his way through the next few days.

Once they showed up to do the job, we learned how serious it is to not get your ducts cleaned on a regular basis. The technician mentioned some frightening stories about house fires that started due to clogged ducts. It’s funny but does anyone actually think about that? The fact that you could be minding your own business and suddenly your home bursts into flames due to something you didn’t even think about. It’s scary really. And our ducts were really, really bad. Thick plugs of crud came out of them. I think they’ve never been cleaned.

Of course, the other problems associated with it are just as frightening. Like my husbands condition. We actually got quite scared he had come down with lung cancer of some serious breathing condition that could cost him his life. We were so fortunate it was just related to dirty ducts. The thing is that if our doctor hadn’t mentioned the issue, my husband could have got sicker and sicker and actually ended up with something that wasn’t fixable. Now that the ducts have been squeaky clean, his condition rapidly cleared up and he’s breathing much easier. I’ve taken the whole situation as a lesson that I’ve been spreading to friends and other family members. It really makes you wonder how many people have gotten sick or even died because of something so banal. Check those ducts, people! You could save your house and save a loved one’s life!

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