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When my company took over the management of a large shopping complex in town, I was very happy with how smoothly the transition went. I had been to that particular complex many times, but I had never looked at it with a critical eye before. I went there to do just that, and I walked away hours later feeling mostly good about it. The one thing I knew we were going to have to do though was find a company that does Calgary window cleaning. I was not happy with how the windows looked on the buildings.

Some may think that would not be too noticeable, but the entire front of the buildings is mostly made up of windows. I knew that they could not be kept perfectly clean, but I also knew they could look a lot better than what they did. When people look at a building, they are forming an opinion of the people or businesses inside the building too. It might not seem fair, but it is the way that most of us work, me included. I wanted to give a good impression to everyone who entered through any of the doors there, so I got busy that same day to find a reputable window cleaning company.

Kleenway Services ended up being the answer to what I needed in more ways than one. I initially just wanted them to clean the windows, but they impressed me with their professionalism and how quick they made the appearance of the building a nice one again. When I saw that they also do other services like office cleaning, carpet cleaning and even landscaping, I knew that I wanted to talk with them about doing even more work for us. I absolutely trust them because they have proven themselves to be the best in their industry.

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