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In fact this building was built during the Second World War at that time this something called the ORD or the Overseas Replacement Depot. War being a messy and wasteful endeavor, the US Army had a constant need to replace the men wounded or killed in it’s course. The fellow we bought it from told us that the Army bought a swampy area from his family and they came in and built the camp there, complete with roads and buildings with asphalt roofing, but apparently dozens of Quonset huts as well. After the war ended the Army just gave it all back to his family, since they no longer had much use for the place or hundreds of similar temporary bases needed for a total war effort. So his family got it all more or less for free, out of land that had not been worth very much to start off. At any rate we have been using this building for half a dozen years now. It is not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but it is okay for what we need it and we decided to buy it when it went up for sale. First we looked the place over and figured out what needed to be done to make sure it was sound. The roof was the obvious place to look and we figured that it would need to be replaced. We had hoped that it would not need to be completely removed before the fact. If you are lucky you can just add another layer on the top of the old roof. The only problem with that is that you can only do it so many times. The reason is simple, a roof is designed to carry a certain load and you are going to overburden it if you do this too often.

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