PostHeaderIcon Clearing and De-Stinking the Bathroom Sink!

Our bathroom sink was stinking. It kind of smelled like an open sewer, and that was not something you want your house smelling like. I thought that maybe water was being sucked out of the P-trap. That is that U-shaped drain under the sink. It is supposed to hold a little water to act as a seal to prevent sewer gasses from backing up into your house. It turned out it was just gunk that was stinking. I went to the Sani Sticks official site to order some to see if they would work. The premise is simple, but can be very effective in solving slow drain problems from buildup of gunk and a stinky smell.

You just push one of the skinny sticks down a sink drain. Not a garbage disposal side of a sink though. They are designed to get hung up where the P-trap is at. They dissolve and release enzymes to get rid of gunk buildup and to remove odors. You get your drain moving fast again, and the smell is gone. You only need to put one stick down the drain per month. Its length and skinny diameter get it stuck in the P-trap section, but it does not block flow. It stays there and releases enzymes as it dissolves. You replace it once per month as the old one slowly dissolves away.

These genius products are things I wish I would have thought of. Wouldn’t it be cool to think up a simple product like this that can do a job that people fret about? I mean I was putting bleach down the drain, using chemical drain openers, running full sinks of the hottest water that came out of the spigot and plunging to keep it open and not stinking. I guess it would clog up over time by the soaps and other hygiene products that get sent down the drain as we use the sink. I mean there is toothpaste, denture adhesive, hand soap, shaving cream, hair and more that goes down the drain. All that bacteria from hand washing goes down the drain too. No wonder it clogs and stinks.

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