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granite-countertops-kitchenYour countertops are the first impression people view when they enter your kitchen. But with many options existing countertops, it is difficult to decide which option best suits your needs and style you want. Of laminated stainless steel, there are plenty of options out there. But before choosing, it is best to consider a few things.
The price also varies, with laminate and ceramic tile in the lower end of the spectrum in the solid-surface countertops and a special center stone and stainless steel on the high end. Ask countertops installation price. Another factor to consider is the durability and maintenance. Some hot surface and scratch resistance. Simple majority to keep clean. If you’re looking for a trendy countertops, you are sure to find your table more affordable with the budget. Here in some kitchen countertops available, advantages and disadvantages of each of the materials :

countertop model for kitchen and bathroom1. Laminate: Surface table is inexpensive, easy to maintain and are available in various colors and patterns, but it can be complicated to repair if damaged.
2. Countertop solid: solid countertops are offered in a variety of colors, designs, and reasonably priced, and if there are scratches can be smoothed. The downside, it’s not so easy to restore if stained scratched or damaged by hot pans or sharp objects.
3. Ceramic tiles: This countertops provides an endless amount of color and design options. This model is scratch resistant and heat resistant. However, it can be easily stained grout and tile can crack.
There is also the composition of stone : stone countertops, there are two categories, granite and marble. Both are striking options that can increase the value of your home. Granite is a sturdy and durable, but expensive and can stain if not sealed properly. Marble more expensive than granite and can be damaged by acidic foods because it is more permeable than the granite.
Stone composition: This alternative comes in many colors and scratch resistant and easy to maintain, but can be as expensive as granite.
5. Stainless steel: surface gives a contemporary look and is often found in the kitchen of the restaurant. It is tough and simple to clean and maintain, but can be easily dented and noisy.
6. Concrete: You can modify the color and concrete counters to match almost any look you can imagine. But, concrete has a porous surface, making it easily bruised when banged hard thing and it must be sealed regularly.
7. Butcher Block : This option includes easy to clean. Can be rubbed with sandpaper and sealed again if stained or bruised. But it must be maintained with the application of mineral oil and are prone to overheating.

You can find kitchen countertops in a variety of colors, textures and materials. Before choosing a table, be sure to specify your kitchen and consider the needs and desires of your finances for the shopping process much easier.

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