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PostHeaderIcon Use An Animal Skin Rug To Add Natural Comfort To Your Home

Animal Skin Rugs Add Warmth To Any Home

If you’ve been searching for a new accent piece to add a little warmth and sophistication to your living area, perhaps it is time to consider purchasing an animal skin rug or throw. If you’ve never explored this versatile option, you’re missing out on an entire world of amazing fashion and new styles!

Why Animal Skin?
Instead, the question should be, why not an animal skin rug? These trendy accent pieces are not only beautiful and unique in their natural colors and markings, but they are also great providers of warmth and an easy way to spice up the palette of any room. They can quickly add texture to a room that before was lacking in depth and emotion, thereby changing the entire look and feel of your home.

Which Type of Animal Skin Rug Would Look Best in Your Home?
Though it is a matter of opinion, the cowhide rugs, reindeer hides, and sheepskin rugs are by far the most popular animal skin rugs used in homes and offices throughout Europe today. They are used as rugs in living rooms, waiting rooms, and other areas, as well as being used as throws to drape across furniture.

Cowhide Rugs
This classic material has been utilized for centuries, therefore one could never go wrong by opting to incorporate a cowhide rug or throw into their home or office decor. These attractive pieces are wildly popular still today, possibly in part because they are in fact hypo-allergenic and therefore will not aggravate even the most sensitive allergies. Cowhide is commonly used to make rugs, throws, and recently gaining in popularity is their use in making cowhide footstools.

These popular cowhide rugs can be used in conjunction with other pieces to liven up dull spaces, but they can also be used to add comfort and warmth to more elegant and formal settings because of their subtle appearance.

Reindeer Hides
These hides are steadily increasing in popularity, likely thanks to their wildly versatile use. They can be added to spruce up almost any space, from a casual den or bedroom, to a professional office or doctor’s clinic. They can be used as rugs, throws for the bed and other furniture, blankets, and even as a hanging wall accent piece. Regardless of how they are used, they can be a major compliment to any style. Reindeer hides are also sturdy and durable, and generate enough warmth to stave off the cold during the winter months.
In addition to being warm and attractive decorative features, reindeer hides are also extremely easy to care for and clean. If they get wet, simply hang them up to dry. To clean, take the hide outside and shake out the dirt. An occasional brushing is another easy way to maintain the reindeer hide’s beauty and durability for years to come.

Sheepskin Rugs
Sheepskin rugs are perhaps the most popular, especially among people with children as they make wonderful mats for playing on and stretching out across. These incredibly warm animal skins are comfortable and cozy, and feel fantastic against the bottom of the feet. The plush sheepskins are also popular because of how attractive they are to look at. A trusted sheepskin rug will instantly make guests feel welcome and invited in to any space it is utilized.

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