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A lot of people might think that the old style of security where you just have a man in the office watching TV screens all day to make sure that nothing is getting stolen is a bit out of date. Well, it might be a tiny bit out of date but the new system is not as different as you might think. The new CCTV security systems are pretty much the same, everything is recorded and saved locally, but it is then shipped to some big company where a man sitting behind a desk watches the screens, it is just about the same thing only it is outsourced now instead of being done in the building. It is of course one of the better systems out there as it can not be fooled in any way. When a person sees something going wrong they see it, there is no question or gray area that you get with a computer operated security system.

You see, while they might be cheaper than hiring a guard, they are definitely not better because some activities a computer just can not recognize while having a human there can make it just that much easier. They can see right away what is going on and put it to a stop if need be. A computer can not do that, it can only do what it was programmed to do and nothing else. That alone is why I believe that having a CCTV system in place is the best bet, even if you have that computer looking for incidences you should still have a human there checking it just in case something is going to go wrong with the system. I know that I would if I still owned a store and I suggest that you follow suit and do the same.

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